Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 2009

I cant believe the girls have been here 7 months and Im finally updating the blog. We finally took a week family vacation, we have taken a few long weekends together but this was the first full week. Vacations are always so interesting, no stress from work and school makes everything seem easy. We did a road trip to the hot spring in Glenwoood springs, Arches park, Moab, to Vegas, Zion park and home. The weather made the parks tough and our trip was cut a day short because of the storm but we had a great time. Sara is great in the car, she likes to sight see and the enjoys the wild west history. We are convinced she is an old soul. Jordan doesn't like to drive, she says the car makes her tired. I guess watching 10 hrs of movies is tough but outside of the car ride she is as fun as always. Attached are a few pictures from the trip


SoFlaMom said...

Oh my Goodness! Look ho big the girls got! See what happens when you don't visit for 4 months! We need to get together more often or we will miss the fun teenage years LOL!! Its a good thing we will see you this summer!


Heidi and Felix said...

Steve and Cyndi,

Found your blog today. My email is

It was great to meet you last week. Let's stay in touch.

Enjoyed seeing the pix of your girls while you were in Ukraine. They have grown - and grown up - so much!!!


Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

Cyndi and Steve,

It was great to read about your vacation! We need to get together before school starts and see how far we have all come!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer,
Twyla, John and the kiddos